THIRST works to keep independent restaurants and hospitality from going under by advocating that elected officials ensure insurance carriers provide the protection you paid for.

• Small bars and restaurants risk going out of business during the
current pandemic and resulting economic crisis
• Many do not have enough cash reserves to ride out the crisis and
are forced to rely on government aid despite paying for business
interruption insurance policies
• Insurers are denying claims saying that COVID doesn’t meet the
definition. The insurers are denying claims on (a) no property damage
and (b) exclusions for pandemics
• Insurance companies are sitting on $847B in reserves and believe all
claims paid would cost $380B (Insurance Information Institute)
• Insurance companies are regulated on a state level, so the best route
is to lobby State legislators to introduce or support existing bills.
• There are currently bills in California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan,
New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South
• There is a general lack of awareness of this issue among both the
industry and the greater public
• Together we can advocate for our legislators to take action to
support payment of your claims and your community’s claims

To sign up and show your support when we go to take on the insurance companies, go to thirstgroup.org/getinvolved and fill out the form. You do NOT need to be employed by a company that’s had to temporarily shutdown due to COVID-19. Your contact info will NOT be shared and no further action will be required after signing up. If you’d like to become a community organizer, just check the box stating “I’d like to join THIRST as a community organizer” when you go to sign up. It’s a very minimal time requirement and can be done entirely from home!




Phoenix, AZ, USA